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Review Your Session Plan Then Select Booking Online

How to Book a Session!
  • GROUP TRAINING Gather your group of choice and contact a TProskills representative prior to registering.  TProskills will work with you to select the best training option.  You will then be directed to register with your group of choice.  Group registration will be guaranteed a training slot pending our schedule and field availability.  The full group will be required to register for a session to be booked.

  • INDIVIDUAL PLACEMENT -  Unable to gather a group.  Contact TProskills and request placement in our open group placement lists.  You will be notified of training sessions assigned and given an opportunity to Book Online and register for training.  There is no guarantee groups will be formed for specific request.  We will try our best to accommodate all request.

  •  INDIVIDUAL TRAINING - GOALKEEPER TRAINING -  Players seeking individual 1 v 1 or Goalkeeper training should contact TProSkills prior to Booking Online sessions.  A representative will work with the player/parent to select the best option date and time for training.  You will then be directed to register by Booking Online for the desired training. 

Registration Steps:
  • Review Plans & Pricing
  • Select Booking Online - Schedule a Session
    • Check Availability
    • Select Next ( Booking Summary)
    • Fill out Details
  • Sign Up or Log In - Make a Payment
    • Select Credit Card or Manual Payment (Cash/Check)
      •  Note:  Cash/Check - Please select Manual Payment​