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TPSI (Technical Professional Skills Institute) represents an accumulation of years of athletic teaching, training, and mentoring student -athletes, amateur players, collegiate players, and professional athletes.  The vision, philosophy and methodology utilized stem from top professional clubs around the world to include Ajax – Holland, PSV Eindhoven – Holland, Inter-Milan – Italy, Club Atletico Paraeneses – Curitiba Brazil, Fluminense FC - Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube – Belo Horizonte Brazil, Vasco De Gama – Rio de Janeiro Brazil, FC Barcelona – Spain, RCD Espanyol – Spain and others.  The technical director and staff are well recognized in the region for developing athletes within a strict regimental discipline.  Empowered with a training methodology focused on individual player development, skill achievement, and a passion toward perfection of the art of the sport.  TPSI’s aim is to provide each athlete with an unparalleled opportunity and platform to help reach their peak potential in the sport.


About us


A school of excellence

Located in the Washington DC metro area (VA, MD, DC), TPSI is one of the premier and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institutions.   While the current business name rebranded and established in 2020 as TPSI, the program spans over 40+ years of existence in the areas.   Programming and training events over the years could be seen under the umbrella of such programs as CARRIBA, TASC, TAP, Barca FC VA, and Clubs of America Inc.

Our history of successful player development remains unrivaled around the region, and TPSI continues to develop elite athletes who achieve success at the collegiate and professional ranks.  Our past Alumni and trainees have gone on to play for NCAA DI, DII, DIII colleges, MLS Teams and represented their country in World Cup play.

Upon surveying the Washington DC Metro area, it can clearly be seen that a large contingency of TSPI alumni are either Technical Directors, Directors of Coaching, Coaches, Trainers, and/or running top soccer club programs.  TPSI and its former umbrella programs have produced some of the top officials leading other club programs in the area.

TPSI provides and all-inclusive and multi-cultured array of athletes of all levels.   Operating from within Fairfax County VA, the organization offers a wide variety of programming, including individual training, group training, team training, College and Professional training, and adult training year-round.  Summer and winter camps offered as well as international trips.  Mobile training is expanding to far reaching areas in MD, DC and other parts of VA.

TPSI current sports program will initially focus on the sport of soccer with other sports added later such as basketball, football, tennis, field hockey, cricket, baseball, and table tennis.

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